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MAU Investments Ltd is dedicated to simplifying international investment into the UK rental property market. We provide a bespoke hands free service, which gives our clients access to high yield UK property investment opportunities, regular cash flow and long-term value gain. 

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UK Investment Property

3 reasons to invest in the UK 

1. Great time to buy...

With market uncertainty around political changes, property values in the UK have softened, making it an ideal time to invest. 

2. Increasing demand...

The UK Government indicates 300,000 new homes per year are needed to avoid a housing crisis, for several years they have fallen short of these targets.

3. Income + Return

Longer term investors stand to gain from both increasing rental property demand, as well as long term property value gains.


x3 Levels of Investment to suit your Time-frame + Budget...

UK Rental Property Renovation
UK Buy-to-let Investment Option 1


Fixed Interest Rate Investment   

Time Frame:    1-3 Years 
Investment:    £30,000 Upwards

UK Rental Property Investment Option 2


UK Property Portfolio

Time Frame:      7-10 Years
Investment:      £50,000-£200,000 Upwards

UK Investment Property Option 3


Joint Venture Investment 

Time Frame:      7-10 Years
Investment:      £200,000 Upwards

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UK rental property buy-to-let investment

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UK Investment Options

Our Services

1. Property Sourcing + Opportunity Assessment

2. Purchase Documentation

3. Finance, Legal, Currency Exchange

4. Property Optimisation

5. Tenancy Management + Maintenance

6. Rental Income + Property Sale 

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Our UK Property Investment Team

MAU Investments take the hassle out of UK rental (buy-to-let) property investment while maximising your return. 

UK Property Investment Sourcing Agents

100% hands free investment. 

  Exceptional Opportunities.

Short term cash flow + long term returns.

"Great team. Professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with."  

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In partnership with international investors, MAU Investments secure high yield residential and commercial property investment opportunities across the UK. 

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