Exceptional Opportunities. Cash Flow + Long-term Results. 

London UK property investment by overseas buyer

MAU Investments are committed to providing quality UK property investment opportunities, which give both short-term cash flow and long-term value gain. 

The majority of our investment properties are residential and small scale commercial rentals. Many of which secured at below market value, via our nationwide sourcing team and then renovated to optimise rental return and future sale value. These factors mean great investment opportunities and returns.  

UK Property is an excellent investment option find out more

UK Rental Property Investment Options

x3 Great options to suit your budget and time frame.

UK Rental Property Investment - Option 1
Rental Property Investment UK - Option 1

Beat the banks...   

We can offer our investors excellent interest rate returns with security and certainty at rates that banks are not able to match.

Bank interest rates have drastically fallen over recent times so much so that coupled with inflation your money is losing value, rather than gaining. Now is the time to look for a different strategy. Invest from as little as £5,000 or as much as you wish. Once a property investment opportunity of suitable scale has been identified, a bespoke secure loan agreement will be drawn up.

UK Rental Property Investment - Option 2
Rental Property Investment UK - Option 2

Limited Company

We will form a UK Limited Company with you personally and MAU Investments as shareholders. 

You will use MAU Investments' knowledge, expertise and full resource to purchase, refurbish/develop and actively manage the property in return for funding the property. As it is deal dependent, the percentage shareholding will be confirmed and agreed prior to purchase. This will determine your share in the property’s net cash flow and potential equity gain. You then have the opportunity to reinvest using the original funds to purchase another property and another and so on over time. This will enable you to build your own UK property portfolio.

UK Rental Property Investment - Option 3
UK Rental Property Investment - Option 3

Joint Venture 

Investors with a UK registered company and MAU Investments Ltd jointly purchase and refurbish or develop a specific property or development.

There are two options as a Joint Venture Partner:

1.          Investing jointly in a property project and being actively involved in the day to day development and management of the property.

2.          Funding a complete property project and use MAU Investments' knowledge, expertise and full resource to purchase, refurbish/develop and actively manage the property.

Bespoke Investment options will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements, with formal agreements drawn up by our UK legal team, to ensure protection and regulation compliance for both parties. 

Here is what one of our investors says…

“I have invested 80% of my portfolio into Mau Investments due to the potential gains. Let me explain... In this turmoil of financial uncertainty in the world we live in with Quantitative Easing programs causing inflation and traditional methods of investment/saving to become worthless, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find decent ROI in everyday investments. It has become even more so clear that hard assets are still king. To be involved with an educated, experienced team which I can trust and call upon with questions anytime is paramount for success in my book. I have teamed up with Mau Investments to form a Joint Venture company called Mau/Brookes Investments to have wealth for generations to come.

This is not a get rich quick scheme but a portfolio that is wealth building. To first start as a passive investor was the best way for me to get the feel and experience in what this company can do. One needs to get financially educated to get wealthy and these guys help me with that every step of the way. 

There's always a risk in investing but more of a risk in my view in keeping fiat currency in a Banking system which you no longer control once deposited and will no longer earn you interest and actually destroys your purchasing power no matter what fiat currency you are saving in. Saving does not work like it used to, putting your effort and wealth into hard assets within a company like Mau Investments is the safest way I have discovered so far for my Portfolio.

Whomever is reading this is and they're still on the fence of investing. I urge upon you to speak to Dennis. His knowledge and experience of investment/real estate is very highly sought after and is comforting to have on your team. It's all about team building, and having a trustworthy team like Mau Investments is reassuring to sleep well at night in this crazy upside-down financial world we live in. Godspeed.”

Steve Brookes

Mau/Brookes Investments Ltd

Secure Your Slice of the UK Rental Property Market - Choose MAU Investments

Secure UK Property Investment

Property Secured Investment...

MAU Investments are committed to provide secured investment options to all investors, with a bespoke Loan Agreement especially tailored to meet each individual investor’s requirements. Bespoke Heads of Agreement or Shareholders Agreements are also provided plus assistance with the formation of a Joint Venture company. Please contact us for details.

UK Property is an excellent investment option find out more

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