Exceptional Opportunities. Cash Flow + Long-term Results. 

London UK property investment by overseas buyer

MAU Investments are committed to providing quality UK property investment opportunities, which give both short-term cash flow and long-term value gain. 

The majority of our investment properties are residential and small scale commercial rentals. Many of which secured at below market value, via our nationwide sourcing team and then renovated to optimise rental return and future sale value. These factors mean great investment opportunities and returns.  

UK Property is an excellent investment option find out more . 

UK Rental Property Investment Options

x3 Great options to suit your budget and time frame.

UK Rental Property Investment - Option 1
Rental Property Investment UK - Option 1

Fixed Interest Rate Investment   

Time Frame:    You choose 
Investment:    £5,000 Upwards

SILVER: Cash Investment

Fixed interest rate of return, by way of a loan agreement.

Interest paid monthly or at end of term of loan with funds invested depending on agreement, with the option of reinvestment at maturity. 

Once a property investment opportunity of suitable scale has been identified, funds become active. Loan is secured by legal first charge over the property. 

UK Rental Property Investment - Option 2
Rental Property Investment UK - Option 2

UK Property Portfolio

Time Frame:      Flexible, normally 7-10 Yrs
Investment:      £50,000 Upwards

GOLD: Property Portfolio   

Invest for between approximately 7 to 10 years, depending on market conditions with one or several properties to build your own UK property Portfolio.

MAU Investments offers property deals which give you a share in the property’s net cash flow and equity gain over time. We will show you how to then use your original investment to reinvest into multiple properties so that by the end your investment time frame, you will have shares in several properties benefiting in regular cash flow and equity gains.

Although we are typically looking at investments of £50,000 upwards, we will consider any amount you choose. 

UK Rental Property Investment - Option 3
UK Rental Property Investment - Option 3

Joint Venture Investment 

Time Frame:      Property Dependent 
Investment:      £100,000 Upwards

Investors with a UK registered company and Mau Investments Ltd jointly fund purchase and refurb or develop a specific property or development. You have two options as a Joint Venture Partner.

First, both companies would be actively and fully involved in the day to day development and management of the property. Each company would receive a negotiated share of net profits and equity. 

Second, you use Mau Investments' knowledge, expertise and full resource, to purchase, refurbish/develop the property and then actively manage them. In return you fund the investment, sit back, do nothing and receive up to a 50% share of net profits and equity.

Although we are typically looking at investments of £100,000 upwards, we will consider any amount you choose. 

Bespoke Investment: The above, are general guides to level of investment and approximate time frames. Bespoke investment options will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements, with formal agreements drawn up by our UK legal team, to ensure protection and regulation compliance for both parties. 

Secure Your Slice of the UK Rental Property Market - Choose MAU Investments

Secure UK Property Investment

Property Secured Investment...

MAU Investments are committed to provide secured investment options to all investors, with a bespoke Agreement especially tailored to meet each individual investor’s  requirements. Additionally MAU Investments offer full protection with an initial “charge” over transferred funds until activated and a  'first legal charge' covered by the asset - as well as “class shares” and company formation with shareholding agreement and additional documentation where appropriate. Please contact us for details.

What is 'First Legal Charge'?

A legal charge used to secure the main mortgage for a property loan. A lender or investor with a first legal charge over a property has a first call on any funds available from the sale of the property. 

This charge will provide collateral for the investor’s funds until time of refinance or sale, upon which we will make repayment of the capital and interest in full. 

UK Property is an excellent investment option find out more

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