Our End to End Investment Service (purchase to sale)

MAU Investments take care of everything from identifying and securing high yield rental property, through to purchase, renovation, tenancy management and sale. Our end to end service means hassle free investment and peace of mind that everything is taken care of. 

"Great team. Professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with."

Rental Property Investment Services UK

100% hands free investment. 

Our team take care of everything from sourcing and purchase, through to maintenance and tenancy management.

  Exceptional Opportunities.

Our nationwide property sourcing team identifies properties with high yield potential and help us secure them at under market value.

Short term cash flow + long term returns.

Our investments are optimised for both rental return and future sale value. 


Our Services (100% Hands-Free Investment)

MAU Investments takes the hassle out of UK rental (buy-to-let) property investment while maximising your return. 

1. Property Sourcing + Opportunity Assessment
We identify exceptional investment options via our nationwide sourcing team. All investment opportunities are reviewed by our professional in-house team.

2. Purchase Documentation
We take care of the paper work, plus set up appropriate collaborative ownership structures with MAU Investments, which meet UK regulations. 

3. Finance, Legal, Currency Exchange
We collaborate with several local companies to streamline the process and ensure we meet all international investment regulations. Plus arrange insurance, mortgage (if needed) and tax structures. 

4. Property Optimisation
We work closely with local architects, builders and project managers to renovate and optimise properties for maximum rental return and future sale value.  

5. Tenancy Management + Maintenance
Trough our Letting Agents professional tenancy management and property maintenance is provided.

6. Rental Income + Property Sale 
We provide you with cash flow via regular rental income and take care of the sale process once you wish to sell.