Why Invest in UK Rental Property

Helping International Investors Make Money out of Rental Property in the UK

Being Kiwis ourselves makes a big difference. We are down to earth and easy to deal with. We specialise in helping international investors make money out of UK rental property investment

Why International Investors are looking to invest in the UK...

NZ Investment in UK property

  1. Less Risk, Bigger Rewards

Regardless of where you live political, currency and economic changes can have a massive impact on investment. Diversity of investment, is a wise investment.  

For global investors with funds in multiple countries and a diversified investment portfolio, investment risk is considerably diminished and at the same time the potential gains are increased via an increased range of opportunities. 

 2. Money, Money, Money

With a bigger market, larger populations and growing demand for rental property, high yield investments are all the more possible. This is a key reason many investors are looking at UK opportunities. The overall comparative cost of property and renovations is also lower than many other countries.

3. Timing + Opportunity 

Globally interest rates are very poor (barely keeping up with inflation) and many people around the world are looking to divest from fossil fuels and other socially questionable investments. 

It is a wise choice to invest in property in the UK because of the massive demand, as people will always need a place to live.

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We make Investment in UK Property simple... (regardless of age or life stage)

NZ Investment In UK PropertyKiwi Investment In UK Property

  1. Best Currency Exchange Rates

Via partnership with Central FX currency brokers we can help secure the best possible exchange rates and hassle free fund transfer. 

 2. Meet UK Investment Regulations

Can international investors buy property in the UK? Yes. But there are some restrictions. 

We guide you through the red-tape, streamlining the process and ensuring your investment meets UK regulations. 

In the UK foreign investors are required to go through reasonably extensive processes where they own more than 25% shareholding in a company. We avoid this issue via using our UK company (MAU Investments Ltd) as the main shareholder. 

3. Streamlined Investment Process

UK Property Investment is what we do. As such we are constantly improving our processes to reduce paperwork for off-shore investors looking to invest in UK property.

4. Multiple Investment Levels and Options

With x3 investment levels, we can cater to investors from every stage of life, budget and investment time frame.

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